Chuck it!

Random thoughts:

  • Saturday’s gig with the H-box could have been a disaster but wasn’t. Guitarist Sam wasn’t there, Lynsey had all but lost her voice to lurgy, Val was in pain from an infliction of tattoos and Ross was playing a drumkit that was constantly moving away from him. But in fact we pulled out a good performance, better than the last two. I think it was because this one was well organised (thanks Jamie) unlike the last two fiascos. Lyns found good voice and we all locked into each other.
  • Spent Saturday and Sunday clearing out my room. Cleared out two boxes of books to a charity shop and nearly four binbags of shredded paper to the bin and the room doesn’t look that different. But it feels better.
  • Tonight, practising for Wednesday’s solo set at the Left Bank (actually Nelson will be joining me).  This loopy stuff isn’t easy – why do I torture myself this way? (‘And us!’ – the plain people of Scotland)

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