Clearing out and picking up threads

The efforts to declutter my tiny office/studio ramped up yesterday when I shredded a number of old notebooks and took two huge bags of Mojo and Word magazines, collected since 2000 or maybe even before, to the Oxfam music shop in Stockbridge. As if renouncing these siren calls to timewasting didn’t hurt enough, I had to carry the arm-stretchingly heavy bags in two trips from the car to the shop, stopping to pant in a pitiful way at frequent intervals. For so many years I’ve just dipped into one or another during a coffee break, reading ancient reviews of people I didn’t know at the time but have since come to like, or rereading favourite interviews with my fave rave pop stars. Why give them up? (i) because giving things up is good, (ii) because I need the space (iii) because it’s time to move on, and (iv) time to find new ways of wasting time.

At the same time I took a number of books to the local charity shop and, typically, today I wanted some information that was in one of them.

Also, yesterday, spent some time in frosty, sunny, beautiful Edinburgh, just knocking around some shops and cafes and visiting the Rebus exhibition at the National Library. Whether it was the fact that I’d been up since 5, the influence of Rebus, or the fact that Madame was at the same moment on a day trip to Dublin, or just the pleasure of being out and about in town when I so rarely leave this room (this decluttered room) but I was in love with Edinburgh.

Today, a contact from my website from a lost friend of 27 years ago and the discovery on another old friend’s blog that he and his wife baked the cake for Torchwood John Barrowman’s civil partnership ceremony. You can see it at the bottom of the scroll here.

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  1. I have also been doing the same and have been getting rid of old Q mags and Mojo’s. Also going to get rid of my old sound on sound mags and ebay my old hifi, any old bits of gear i don’t use and have a general clear out. I think that I have more cables and leads than Maplin !
    This will make room for more new junk !

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