Collaborations I : Lindsay Sugden

Lindsay Sugden


I've been looking through the files on my harddrive and come across some things to share over the next week or two: some collaborations and covers.

First up is an experiment I did with Lindsay Sugden. We'd talked a few times (and still do) about putting together some of her songs and my Waveforms.  She sent me an early recording of Beyond These Walls to which I added a new Waveforms loop, some guitar and bass and effects. It's an exquisite song, with her unique guitar arpeggios providing an unsettling, never-resting framework for the gentle voice that floats above. I hope I've been able to contribute a slightly different angle to it. (Click the bar above to play.)

1 thought on “Collaborations I : Lindsay Sugden”

  1. Cheers, Norm, gives it a new lease of life 🙂 We really must get that collaboration going again for a gig some time.

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