Comics to films

Following from my last post, some moments that have directly electrified the teenage comic fan in my wizened old heart.


  • Christopher Reeve’s Superman, square-jawed and no smug irony
  • Spidey swinging through the valleys of New York – sheer exhilaration
  • McKellen’s purring Magneto – ‘Don’t stand in my way, Chaawllz’
  • Jackman as Wolverine – a bit too young and nice, but damn good all the same
  • the Professor X / Magneto relationship as done by Stewart and McKellen
  • the Fantastic Four discovering their powers – ‘that’s sick’
  • Daredevil’s opening scene in the church, and the treatment of his religiosity
  • Magneto’s ‘borrowing’ the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Doctor Octopus in Spidey 2 – perfect combination of special effects and good acting
  • Batman’s first costume in the Michael Keaton films – I prefer it to the more obviously armoured ones of later years and Batman Begins, and of course the stupid nippled ones in Batman and Robin
  • the Silver Surfer (I’m cheating here as I’ve only seen the trailer, not the film but he looks good!)
  • Iron Man – perfect from what I’ve seen in the trailer


  • Magneto’s helmet – nothing dark or scary about it
  • Everything to do with Dr Doom in the FF film, especially the immobile mask
  • There’s never been a Lex Luthor that rises above comedy in the films
  • The Hulk and Spidey 3 went on way too long
  • Loss of Storm’s Egyptian nationality and background in the film
  • The rush to squeeze everything in – for example  destroying the Xavier school in X-Men 2 when new viewers are only getting used to the idea
  • … and how do they keep a supersonic jet a secret from the neighbours? There’s far fetched and there’s far fetched!
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