Today will be, I hope, a day of completions and endings.

The completion of a website I’ve been working on for someone else; still to be resolved is that having moved it from one server to another it looks all wrong to her. She is viewing it on Safari on a Mac. I am viewing it on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a PC and it looks identical to the way it was on its previous server. I trust the problem is in caching on her Mac.

Various work projects have to be completed today so that I can take next week off. This may entail some late working but not too late as …

The AGM of the South Queensferry Arts Festival or Ferry Fringe, marking the end of my period as chairman. This for me was purely a matter of self-punishment i.e. at a meeting this time last year I was nominated and lacked the courage at the time to refuse the position – with everyone shooing me into place and the chairman for the last couple of years stepping down there seemed little choice. But there was a choice and I didn’t take it. So my ‘better nature’ said to my ‘coward nature’: this is your responsibility, you have to accept the consequences of not speaking up, do it! I did it, and was saved by the fact that a talented, enthusiastic and well-connected bunch of people appeared to make the Fringe happen. I did contribute, and probably helped in an organisational way, so I feel I’ve fulfilled my side of the bargain, but now it’s time to take a big step back from this festival, secure in the knowledge that other people will carry it on better than ever before.

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