I started this blog as a learning tool. Inspired by Karyn and some of the others I read – that by writing about what I was doing and how I was doing it, I’d clarify for myself what I understood and didn’t understand, and some of it might be of use to others.

I now find I don’t write here very often. Why? Because I don’t feel I have anything in the way of ‘answers’ and  that to write an intelligent question takes time and effort. When it comes up against the deadlines of work due, I think that half an hour should go towards my employer’s demands rather than speculation on the blogosphere. How I envy elearning bloggers who seem able in (and I’m guessing here) half an hour or less to write something that seems to put a new slant on an old idea or introduce a new combination of ideas.

This is indeed part of my learning: learning that I have a lot more to think through before I become a ‘writer’ on elearning. That I feel my previous posts have asked enough questions and now I shouldn’t write until I can deliver something. 

I also notice from time to time that bloggers write in fits and starts – daily posts for some time then weeks go by. Perhaps it’s the same combination of work demands, self-censorship and and simply being ‘dry’ of the juice.

But at the same time here I am with a job description and a daily task list that reflect the title ‘elearning’; so even if what I’m doing seems compromised, unoriginal or small fry, it’s still likely that others are doing that kind of thing and I may have done something they haven’t. So my resolve is to make the effort and just describe what I’m doing and any associated thoughts that may be helpful to someone desperate or idle enough to read them! 

2 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. Last time we bumped into each other I didn’t get a chance to answer your question when you asked me why I hadn’t been updating my own blog. Now you know the answer 🙂
    I hope you do keep on blogging, because your insights and experiences are certainly of value.
    Hopefully we’ll catch up again soon.

  2. I’m at DevLearn right … and your post makes me wonder … if you were here, having coffee with me right now, what would we be talking about? And who else would you want to sit with to have those conversations?

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