Counting blessings

After the happy gigs at the weekend, some more blessings to count:

Robert Fripp At The End of Time (Churchscapes live in England and Estonia 2006) : an album of heartbreaking beauty

OOTB’s megamic at Linsay’s last night – 30 or so local singer songwriters doing one song each – the songs didn’t matter that much but the spirit of community and friendship was priceless.

After not posting anything to my e-learning blog for weeks I posted today and immediately had two replies from far more knowledgeable and articulate writers than moi. It always amazes me !

Ken MacLeod’s Learning the World: a sci-fi novel of first contact, the visitors being earth colonists, the visited being the first alien race humanity has encountered in millenia of space travel. Ken alternates chapters from the points of view of the ship-dwellers and surface-dwellers as they gradually become aware of each other.

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