Tuesday was quite successful – I got the drumming pattern more or less right for IOU, edited some wonky guitar on If You Had Said and came out with two versions of that song.  Voice and guitar are exactly the same, but one version has a Frippertronics loop way in the background, which gives a distancing effect from the directly emotional lyric; the other version has a background of trombone and french horn, which give a warmth and sadness, but may be too sentimental.  I decided to keep back Sensible until I can get Electra on it, so it definitely won’t be on the CD, but I finished At the Harbour, which will. These two songs are like nothing I’ve recorded before in that they are more like sung free-verse poems – no metre or rhyme – over looping backgrounds.

I’m waiting to hear from Swing Guitars as to whether they’re going to have time to provide the Django version of Beggar of Love they’d offered to do.  They’re not returning emails so I suspect not, but there could be other explanations.

I recorded Nicole, but it will probably need too much work to be on this CD, which is after all meant to be an EP, not an album.

Not a bad day’s work.

Wednesday was a long day in London at a work meeting, followed by book shopping in Watkins. Thursday was spent largely in recording the outcomes of the meeting from six or seven densely-packed flipchart sheets. ValIn the evening I was at Val’s where she recorded a lovely oboe part for Leaving and sang a verse of The Water Is Wide.  The recording is gathering pace now, with Tricia booked in to sing  When I Went to Your House on Sunday and Mary to add violin to IOU on Tuesday.

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