Destroyed by Mercat forces

Last night’s programme was to have been :
8.45-9.45 Oktober
9.15-11 Houdini Box
11-11.45  me

Oktober played a great set, much better IMHO than their covers set. Tight, snappy songs, well arranged with good driving rhythms and excellent musicianship. Near the end of their set, unfortunately, the barman announced to Lynsey that they were closing at 11 because there weren’t enough people.  Lynsey’s set went ahead (most of the people there had come to see her) and I lost out on doing my synth/loop set again, which I had been so looking forward to doing. Earlier Iain from Oktober had been discussing how bad Edinburgh is for live venues and how the attitude of bars was, erm, generally unsupportive. QED.

I don’t intend to do any solo or Innocents gigs for a little while now – concentrate on getting the recording done. Maybe the odd OOTB or Full Moon spot, but I’m not feeling confident about attracting people to gigs other than on a bill with other people. When I get out and about again, I think I’ll have to focus outside Edinburgh, where the climate by all accounts is much better. Now to do some work and dislodge the cloud of self-pity 🙂  (I actually typed self-putty – now there’s a concept!)

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