Two dialogues in song

Here are two more songs from January’s Hungry Ghosts gig.

Too Many Nights From The Sea

Too Many Nights From The Sea is a song from my next album, untitled as yet. It takes the form of a dialogue between two lovers, one restless, the other favouring settling down. Tricia sings it with me on the album version too.


The moon hangs outside the open window

And the still summer heat lies heavy on me

But I’m cold with a fear

That I don’t belong here

I’m just too many nights from the sea


Well do you forget how you suffered

In those sad aimless days when you thought you were free?

Now your wings aren’t so strong

They’ve been folded so long

And you’re  too many nights from the sea.


Yes, it’s true I’ve found joy and I’ve found comfort

In the shelter you’ve built around me

But my heart is a bird

And it knows what it heard

I’m just  too many nights from the sea


Well you can celebrate in all the old places

But you won’t find the way it used to be

Every soul needs some rest

All the broken and the blest

When they’re  too many nights from the sea.

Henry Lee

Henry Lee is a cover of a song already covered by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.

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