Diary of an ambivalent album-maker ep 3

Small steps, it all proceeds by taking small steps so as not to be overwhelmed by 'the bloody big thing'. So tonight's step, fitted in between dinner and looking for a holiday, is to review the notes I made the first night I listened to the songs and thought they might form an album. Turned each note into a short task and put it into my online task list (yes I'm one of those Getting Things Done nerds); each task is doable within an hour e.g. edit out the 'nothing happens' gap between verses 3 and 4 of one song; improve the drums track in another.Small steps, then you choose one to be the next step, say what day you're going to do it on and do it.

Last night's charity gig was a joy – not only hearing my band really fly, but playing bass with friends and playing darabouka for a superb belly dancer. Add to that interludes by excellent musicians and the fact that lots of people, including friends of mine, turned up. Heart, cockles of, warmed.

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