Diary of software rage ep 4

To do list of music tasks complete, I had an evening free to work on it. My expert son had shown me how to use FL Studio with Rewire so I could easily (!) channel individual FL instruments to individual tracks in Cubase. I had one song complete but for a very naff automated drum track. Ha, I thought, I'll record the different drum instruments manually. Set up the kick following his instructions. Recorded it, no problem. Set up the hihat. Access violation error. Shut down both Cubase and FL. Reopened Cubase. No Rewire available. Rebooted, tension building. Rewire available, but horrible distortion and latency when trying to play the hihat. Started a new file to see if I could isolate the problem. With two FL instruments I could get instrument 1 on track 1 and track 2 had … instruments 1 AND 2. … and so it went on for another hour. Software 3, mindset for making music 0. Years of Zen training just managed to stop me kicking the computer to a pile of useless bits. Only just.  Music given up for the night.

PS to Sam – before you say it, friend, I can't afford a Mac!!! 


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