Diary of software rage ep 5

This journal, intended to document the making of an album, is turning into a depressing affair.

Having given up last night getting Cubase and FL to work together, I thought a bank holiday, with the house to myself, would be an ideal time to approach it in a calm reasonable frame of mind. I did and achieved very little. At one point after three hours and a long time on the phone to a friend, I got something like the setup I wanted in order to just record, but not reliable or recreatable.  In the afternoon I posted my difficulty on a forum and left it for the Group Intelligence to work on. I asked myself ' If this is too difficult, what would be reliable and easy?'  Possible answers:

a) learn to do everying in FL, leaving Cubase out

b) learn Reaper, which seems to be as good but is completely new to me

c) use Sony Acid, which is very intuitive and the easiest to use

Despite its ease I don't trust Acid because it destroyed the first project I did on it, and not all the Tech Support experts in the world could retrieve a note. I like it but I can't take that risk with an album. I resolved to learn to do all my audio recording in FL Studio. Should be easy – I have two manuals, right? I've done a little before, right?  90m later. No it isn't easy and doesn't work as the tutorials say it will. A day wasted. I'm off.

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