Disappointment is the horse of the dharma

… whatever that means. Well, actually I know. I'm in London for a two-day conference on the latest in e-learning, my current profession. So far I've not heard anything I couldn't have heard ten or fifteen years ago, when it was called Computer-Based Training. The people I do respect and learn from aren't speaking this year but chairing sessions. One reversal of the general trend was 'keynote speaker' Tony Buzan, of whom I didn't expect much but who proved to be an excellent speaker, displaying aristocratic unflappability in the face of technical glitches.

What really got me was that I got to the hotel last night in time just in time to listen to my friend Adrian present an online radio programme about the Incredible String Band, but it took me,  a duty manager and a technical support phone line 45 minutes to get the in-room broadband access working, so I missed most of the programme. I was so angry I found it hard to relax the rest of the evening until I texted Adrian's partner to grumble about it and found out she'd forgotten to listen to it! Now that was funny, and, along with a half bottle of red wine, put me in a better mood.

Oh the 'horse of the dharma' thing? That's from Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche, meaning that we only see our illusions clearly when we're dis-illusioned. OK?

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