For those who’re interested, here’s where I’m up to:

  • two domestic difficulties pretty much banjaxed my creative effort from last October till now. One is successfully resolved, the other is showing signs of reaching the end of the tunnel. And the weather’s getting better.
  • practising for WaveForms gig at the Salisbury Centre on 1st May
  • just agreed to play bass for Ms Fi at the Ark on 29th April
  • putting a lot of extra time into work – two weekends now. This uncharacteristic dedication has been necessary but is now sufficient
  • recording for the Wright Brothers has commenced: Nelson and I have done basic tracks for The Wind That Blows and Your Last Man.
  • I’ve recorded my own version of a Bespoke song, quite different from the Bespoke version, which may see the light of day here soon
  • a collaboration with Torpedo Buoy, Civic Architecture of the Heart, will be on download here soon.
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