A weekend of house-clearing and DIY involving self, Madame and Plague. DIY in our house equates often to WIF (Well-Intentioned Foolishness). My intention in giving up the whole of Sunday to this ordeal was that Sunday evening would be free for working on a new recording (a daft country tune Another Man). But on Sunday evening it became apparent that WIF had prevailed, as I removed the masking tape I’d put up to protect the wallpaper from Plague’s efforts at touching up ceiling paint in the bathroom, only to discover this entailed ripping the top layer of the wallpaper off too. Masking tape and wallpaper had fused in a unbreakable union of heart and mind. Fortunately (1) the wallpaper didn’t have a strong pattern (2) we had some spare (3) my mother had shown me years ago that wallpaper can be invisibly patched with roughly-torn patches better than neatly cut ones. And it worked.
Later I got to Cubase to work on this song. WIF had not finished with me yet. I spent ten minutes researching all the possible reasons why I wasn’t getting any sound from my guitar on the computer, and cursing Cubase for always finding a way to surprise me every time I used it. Ten minutes was the time it took for the simple expedient of plugging the cable from mixer (to which I connect the guitar) into the computer, to present itself.

Having had a fairly successful couple of hours I now have the song as an unremovable brain-worm, accompanying my every move. Just an occupational hazard.

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