Down tools

After a week-long rush to get a particular project ready for my colleagues to work on during my holiday, completion was achieved around 9 on Friday evening. Inboxes were emptied, out-of-office messages left and, within minutes, this priority was no longer a priority. While I’m by no means proficient at directing my attention, I have enough skill to direct it effortlessly away from my employment when appropriate.

Since then, watching some comedy on the box (Michael Macsomebody’s Comedy Roadshow, Have I Got News, and Outnumbered), some guitar practice, a return to Steinberg Sequel with new enthusiasm. Communication from Pest in Australia by email, text and voice. A gig with Ms Fi which went from a shambolic beginning (probably my contribution) to an acceptable but not quite good conclusion. The best bits were Fi’s solo numbers. I had elected to work on Wednesday night and miss rehearsal rather than work on Thursday night and miss the gig. Was it a good decision? I didn’t feel engaged by any of the performances, except for moments of Pete Rowan’s, and the hardness of the chair seemed to occupy my mind more than the songs. Always a bad sign.

Last night on DVD, Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo with the peerless Toshiro Mifune.

Today, packing for five days with Madame in Mallorca, drilling Plague on how not to destroy the house in our absence, and, I hope, some more time with Sequel.

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