The members of the Heaven Sent sitting on piano keys.

Norman Lamont & the Heaven Sent: End of Tears – live

As a reminder that the launch gig is … tomorrow!   Here’s the band with End of Tears, recorded in December at The Village.


You can buy the CD here, or get the download free in our special  audiovisual journey See You In Another Life.

2 thoughts on “Norman Lamont & the Heaven Sent: End of Tears – live”

  1. I would like to say how much I enjoyed myself at the recent gig in the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. I was invited by a Malcolm McLean (Mal) whom I have just fairly recently met through a mutual friend. I had never heard of you or your band and I am hooked! I believe the work to use is SHIT well you were shit hot indeed. The humour and likeness to many musicians I have listened to and met over my years on this planet at least is utterly brilliant and just how you do it the lyrics the expression and all that makes you so different is indeed extremely refreshing! And yes I bought goodies too. The entire troupe is an amazing experience and I shall be sharing this with my many musical friends and spread that word SHIT. Thankyou for that experience on Thursday there for the launch. C

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