Face of …?

A few weeks ago I met an old friend from university days, who gave me what was obviously the output of a malfunctioning photo booth.  For your amusement:

The face

At Siglo last night the Wright Brothers performed our quaint ditties to an audience of hen nights and pre-clubbing clubbers. We weren't exactly clubbed or abused, nor were we the recipients of any attention except from companions Fi and Lyndsay. As we did our last number two girls did come up and start singing along. When I engaged one in conversation she immediately launched into a detailed enquiry on how I might help or advise her hook an optician in Morningside to whom she was highly attracted. She'd already had an eye test – my first suggestion – but it was taken by his assistant. I suggested she demand a second opinion. Then the background music came back on and she went back to dancing. So if you're a male optician in Morningside, get in touch. I have information that might be exciting for you.

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