Fact, fiction, dogs and Leek

What kind of dog are you? Electra pointed me at http://www.gone2thedogs.com/. I’m an Afghan Hound I discovered: 
‘this elegant and beautiful breed is generally affectionate and good-natured but will
not tolerate teasing. Intelligent and somewhat aloof it requires plenty of exercise.’

In the way that creative ideas do, a notion hit me last night in the kitchen that seemed to crystallise the next CD and wiped away the dithering that had plagued me regarding Romantic Fiction. Another idea followed in close succession and I now know exactly what I want to do and and the steps to doing it. It’s made the CD a unified project rather than a ‘maybe this, maybe that’ ragbag of changing whims as it had been. Today I put out the first few communications to the people whose talent I’ll need to bring this about.

Also just finished relating the story of The Ballad of Bob Dylan to a journalist from the Leek Post and Times, the paper for the beautiful little town in Staffordshire where I was living when I wrote the song. Somewhere he’d picked up the snippet that I was inspired by something in a clothes shop in Leek and wrote to me asking for the story. Maybe he thinks I’m a megastar in Scotland!

If you’re interested and don’t know it already, here’s the story …

One Saturday afternoon I was buying jeans in a shop when I heard a
Dylan song on the radio – ‘Tweeter and the Monkey Man’
from the first Traveling Wilburys album. It was the first decent Dylan
track I’d heard for a long time so I went round the corner and
bought the album.

That night I was mucking about on my guitar and trying to remember that song, which I’d now listened to a couple of times. I
couldn’t remember it exactly but this new song just poured out – a
surrealistic story in the Dylan style and featuring Dylan as a
character. I wrote it down and polished it up the next day. I tried it out
at Keele and it went down well. I played it at Leek Folk Club and a
Dylan fan told me it was good but I was attacking it too much – I needed
to relax with it as Dylan would, which was absolutely right – just
the key I needed to make it my ‘signature tune’.
Someone in America heard it and invited me to put it on a compilation album
entitled ‘Thinking of Bob Dylan’. (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bobdylan) and it continues to be the most demanded song when I tout my wares live.


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