Fairytale Management

Some people thought the spoken story on my New Eyes was a bit strange. Get the story on Impossible Songs’  Fairytale Management blog. An unlikely answer to prayer.
John should set it to music and put it on an album.

The great ancestors of these stories are of course the Velvet Underground’s The Gift and, less well-known, John Cale’s The Jeweller, (on the album Slow Dazzle) which shares some affinities with John B’s story.

We’ll leave aside the stories John Peel used to read on Tyrannosaurus Rex albums, shall we?  Or maybe not:
Lionel Lark was an alchemist by profession, but he loved to quest. Li and Mole made a romantic pair, Li with his many-coloured zodiac coat flapping about as he rode the down winds. Rubbing on his rimless spectacles, he  lectured Mole in his larkish manner about the mythical lily pond, and goofing sometimes and mentioning the Hyperboreans, the frozen folk who lived behind the north wind  …

Maybe Marc and John are in heaven now concocting stories centred on Anfield.

For a less happy tale, see Gary Marshall on the future of digital music and how the music industry might use it to fleece us again.

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