Favourites of 2007

A friend sent me his list of best albums of 2007. I thought I’d reciprocate, but I can’t remember which of the albums or whatever I’ve been listening to actually came out, or came into my posession, during 2007. So at the risk of inaccuracy, which will bother no-one:

The Beatles Love
Beirut Gulag Orkester
Robert Fripp At the End of Time: Churchscapes
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Raising Sand
Handsome Family The Last Days of Wonder

Some local heroes:
Emily Scott Longshore Drift
Rosie Bell Early Warning
Lindsay Sugden Lightning
Cloudland Blue Quartet Ersatzreal

Re-releases and stuff from the past:
Robert Fripp Exposure
Nico Desertshore and  The Marble Index
Slapp Happy Live in Japan
Sylvian/Fripp The Last Day

TV, film, DVD:



Kurosawa/Mifune: Seven Samurai, Ran, Kagemusha, Red Beard, Hidden Fortress, Yojimbo

Various: I’m Your Man (Cohen tribute concert)

The Apprentice

Dr Who (but please no more human-Dalek mashups!)

And of course the regular pleasures – Radio 4, Radio Scotland, Have I Got News for You, Word and its compilation CDs, DGM Live, all my friends and inspirational blogs on Google Reader.

This is beginning to sound like a bad BAFTA speech. Enough.

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