Film scoring

These films are not my property, just here as an example of my scoring work. Please don’t share.


Short ‘horror’ set in a corporate office at night. I did the sound effects and music.


A llama finds a novel way to get across a busy road. I did the sound effects and music.

The Final Straw

A scarecrow struggles to … scare a crow. I did the sound effects and music.

African Wildlife

My first orchestral piece.


This is my first actual commission for a real film. (The others were exercises for films whose original score had been removed. ) This was made by Terry Dray who made two videos for the Heaven Sent.

Turn and Walk Away

This started as a standalone instrumental piece – trying to create something haunting and romantic. I put some stock footage to it.

The Girl at the Bar

This was originally a pop video. As an exercise I was asked to create an orchestral score for it. I tried to mix the score with a few noir elements.

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