Jim and I played one of my oldest songs at Out of the Bedroom.  It’s a confabulation of two things – a romance of my youth, and one line from Robin Williamson’s song Maya: ‘Opinions are his fingernails’


She was young and she was plain

I was proud and I was vain

When I claimed her for my own

Her fingernails had barely grown


She grew lovely by my side

I believed she’d be my bride

She grew strong and I grew weak

Fingernails they stroked my cheek


Only fingernails

Protect the soft exploring fingers

Only fingernails

Show the world

Where you’ve been


With each turning of the page

She demands a wider stage

All my clinging was no use

Fingernails had cut her loose


Ever since the curtain fell

I’ve been sailing close to Hell

I slide down the sinking ship

Fingernails have lost their grip


Only fingernails …


Looking back, we’ve come so far

From those nights I used to start her car

Time to time, when my nerve fails

I still use her fingernails.



Norman Lamont 1994

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