Finished or abandoned

As the old saw goes, ‘a work of art is never finished, it’s only ever abandoned’. After a concentrated period of work on the Romantic Fiction CD I decided early this morning I’d got to the stage where the stuff I was doing to it was stuff only I would ever know about. Time to stop. It’s either any good or it isn’t.

I’ve burned it onto a CD which I’ll play on a few different players. If, in a couple of days, I still think I’ll be able to hear it without cringing, then my part in this suffering is over and yours begins.

I’m well into the next one. I’m considering accepting the challenge (set by myself) to imagine it’s 1963 and I only have four tracks to play with. Or even the extreme challenge: only four tracks and everything first take!

Things I’ve been ‘most earnestly impressed by’ over the last few days:

  • the new Eno album ‘Another Day on Earth’
  • rediscovering Paul Simon ‘You’re the One’ (just coincidence that they’re working together – I had nothing to do with it.)
  • Paul McCartney’s bass on ‘Something’
  • FL Studio – if only I had time to learn it properly
  • finally learning the notes for Fripp and Eno’s ‘Evening Star’ so I can play it with my looper. Funny, though, it doesn’t sound as good as Fripp and Eno
  • the latest Dr Who story with the Daleks.
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