For Kyle

On 28 November, my friend Tom McEwan’s son Kyle was found dead in Dundee. He’d
been missing for a few weeks and friends and family had mounted a huge campaign
to raise awareness and find him, including a concert in Dundee. I’d been due to
play there and, after practising some songs the night before, and reading some
of his friends’ tributes on websites, I picked up my guitar and WaveForms kit,
set up a short Fripp-style  loop and played this improvisation, with Tom and
Kyle in mind.

For Kyle.

3 thoughts on “For Kyle”

  1. A beautiful piece Norman – loved it – such a shame that a terrible situation has given rise to it…
    I’m still waiting for you to come up with a waveforms album btw – if only the audience for such things was greater but, let’s face it, the audience for our songs isn’t exactly much beyond that which enjoys our soundscapes – maybe it’s time to take that leap?

  2. Thanks CBQ. It’s not the lack of audience that stops me doing a WaveForms album, just that I’d have to record an awful lot of them to have enough good ones to offer. Part of the risk of improvisation. Sorting out the music from the noodling! This Kyle one was unusual in that I thought I said what it wanted to say without going round the houses, then shut up at the right time. If only I could do it more often. Anything I record that’s decent will make its way to you, either on this site or privately in a plain brown wrapper.

  3. I’d be willing to curate an album for you Norman – there is an audience for this music – they just don’t know yet that that’s what they constitute

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