Fortune calls

Not  exactly but through various comings and goings I’ve chanced to receive phone calls in the last couple of weeks from two lifelong heroes of mine, people I’ve bought tickets to see and bought magazines to read interviews with. Two quite unrelated cases.  In both cases the reason has been outside the relationship of celebrity-fan, so I’ve been faced with a straight human-to-human conversation taking place at one level and constant swirls at a lower level of ‘he actually spoke to me!’ – the effort to make sure the latter did not burst into or otherwise disrupt the former.

In yesterday’s conversation I learned things and developed ideas that cast light on quite important areas of my life, but  for hours afterwards, my thought (I was trying to work) was interrupted by brief tornadoes of excitement and potential continuations and developments of the conversation.

By chance a friend wrote to me today and in her email coined the word ‘syncophantasy’ – that’s what I was trying to avoid and constantly pulling myself out of.  It was fun actually, and very revealing. Maybe next time it’ll be Bob Dylan complaining about the song!

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