Francie and Rosie

That title will mean something to Scots of a certain age, and nothing to anyone else.

Anyway, to the point: a couple of nice tracks from singers I've encountered on my recent venturings.

Francie Jones is an American singer I saw at OOTB and one of the freshest, most accomplished perfomers I've ever seen at an  open mic. The CD she handed me is no disappointment either.

Here's a great song, Who's Asking?

03. Who's Asking

Francie on MySpace

Rosie Nimmo runs an open mic with Polly Phillips in Portobello. She's produced a warm, slightly jazzy album called, appropriately, Lazy and Mellow. I like the title track best, along with this, the opener, Spider and Fly, which sets the tone for the album.

01. Spider and Fly

Rosie Nimmo's website