Friday WaveForms (with sample)

On Friday I’ll be playing an hour of beat-free, chorus-free, voice-free music on my guitar and guitar synth at the Salisbury Centre, Salisbury Road Edinburgh.

image The prospect of my outnumbering the audience, as has almost happened before, fazes me not a jot. Between 8 and 9 I will be in the Salisbury Centre library and these sounds will be forming, grouping, regrouping and fading. People can come, go, drink tea, browse the books, do Tai Chi, lie on the floor or any wholesome activity. But I will play, because I love it,  until 9, when I will stop.

You’re very welcome to come. Just ring the door of said Salisbury Centre, and some friendly person will direct you to the library. No money will be extracted or requested from you. More about WaveForms.

Here's a recent improv:


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