I try to get away from the computer for lunchtime, but today was glued to it by George Galloway’s appearance before the Senate Committtee., available in full at the BBC site.

I don’t fully trust him on everything, but then I was more convinced by Mr Blair before the war than anyone else I knew was, so what do I know? What we have here, however, is a superb performance, and by performance I don’t mean just theatre, but someone speaking passionately and in a principled way to the corrupt and complacent institutions of the American Empire. I think this will become a piece of classic footage: if Galloway turns out to be a liar, then the part at the end where he twists and turns to avoid answering a yes/no question (where either answer damns him – ‘No I wouldn’t be troubled if the money was from a shady source; yes I would be, so my judgement is questionable’) will be repeated over and over; if he turns out to be vindicated, his emphatic, dignified attack will be a classic piece of newsreel for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “Galloway”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Norman. Surprising the number of people who now like him although couldnae stand him before. Sure, he’s a showman, but his heart’s in the right place. Plus kudos for being able to pronounce the word ‘indefatigability’ (which I’m not even sure I can spell, never mind say.

  2. I think they got a good deal more than they bargained for, and from what I read George already appears to have secured a cult status in the States.

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