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Tell Tale Songs

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    The stories behind the songs, lyrics and materials from the artists who inspired the songs
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Who you'll meet

A strange and twisted story of a soldier and an artist.

A bereft lover finds a strange gift his sweetheart has left behind

A woman leaves her husband for her lover. Her thoughts on
the drive to his house.

A chance meeting in a forest changes a man's life.

How I met Bob Dylan and neither of us were quite the same.

Let me tell you a story ...

New Eyes drawing by Tricia Thom.

... or a series of stories over five days. Each song tells a story - all with a touch of surrealism, but all short and to the point. I'll tell the story of  the story - how and why I wrote it, what the influences were and any different versions I've done.

That chat will range from John Cale to W B Yeats, from soldiers to artists to unfaithful partners and unlikely eye operations.

I'll also share with you specially commissioned art  for each of the songs, and, if you like them I'll post you actual prints of them!

What others have said

It's been fascinating getting a wee glimpse under the bonnet on your creative process. Inspiring stuff!

I really love your writing and it's really nice to see where the songs and stories come from.


I would like to thank you for letting me share this journey with you.
It's different, personal and people remember touching moments.


... a body of work that follows that golden thread of songwriting craft from Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Springsteen, through others such as Nick Cave.

Andrew C Ferguson


While in his world, the melodies allure you to listen carefully to the lyrical content. Each song has a blissful tale of contemplative life lessons, love lost and yearning. 



A crisp production presents acoustic-based songs laced with some dreamy slide guitar, arctic Lanois-style trimmings and some gorgeous violin flourishes and arrangements. Fronting it all up, Lamont’s voice trembles within the skin of bittersweet melodies that is reminiscent of a nasal Ray Davies, and it’s this likeable fragility which delivers the chills.

Sid Smith

Music journalist