‘Getting things done’ instead of getting things done?

I’m on holiday so I can do this …
One of those strange paper chases you do on the web. It started with a post in Dave Pollard’s blog about a time-planning method he liked in a book called Getting Things Done by David Allen. That sent me over a series of links to different people’s applications of the ideas, whereupon I decided to organise my Palm (a fairly old Sony Clie actually but invaluable to me) differently. So I started changing the categories of To-Dos, referring back to some of the articles I’d read, having to print them off to read them easily, then realising I needed the manual for the organiser software I use (Iambic Agendus Pro so I was about to set off to find that, when I realised I’d spent almost 90 minutes! Will it result in a leaner, fitter, more organised Norman, or just one cluttered with more ways to procrastinate?  Time will tell…

Last night, laid down a nice backing track for Crying in the Street, of which I’ve only ever put out live versions, but which is now a contender for the first Romantic Fiction CD, and also got some better guitar tracks onto IOU which is beginning to sound quite acceptable. Left the computer about 10.30 to watch Minority Report, which I enjoyed for its versions of everyday life in 2053.

Today this diary switches from GreyMatter to TypePad  which won’t make much difference to readers but makes some things easier for me.

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