Gigs and Tinariwen

Three performances in four days, that’s what I call living. First was with Ms Fi and the Misfits at OOTB on Thursday which had a nice groove to it, and we did her songs justice.  Then on Saturday Secret CDs website launch concert, which I opened using loops for three out of four songs and getting it right 90% of the time. I’m exploring two uses of loops, one being to provide the basic rhythm and chord structure, the other being a time-free cluster of notes that just floats in and out of the song, easier to do and more subtle. Nelson joined me on djembe for Roadblock and Nicole. It was a great night with performances by Amy Duncan, David Ferrard, Angel Conversations, Lindsay Sugden and the time-stopping Emily Scott. On Sunday the Wright Brothers, myself and Nelson, played at Hamilton’s in Stockbridge, a bright and friendly venue in full daylight. The set was easy and relaxed and the audience warm. And we got a free meal. Then off to Glasgow to see Tinariwen at the Arches.

In case you don’t know, Tinariwen are a group of Touareg nomads from the Sahara desert in Mali. I’ve been enjoying their album, but of course the live experience is much more visceral. Most of the songs are one-chord grooves, with a driving rhythm section consisting only of one guy on djembe and an absolutely top class bassist.

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