Gigs and such

Here’s a pic from Sunday’s Full Moon Farewell, courtesy of Mal (click for full size):


Thursday night was our hastily convened gig at the Roxy. As we feared it was sparsely attended, and that vast space needs people to stop the reverberations. A shame as the performances were really good. Impossible Songs were helped by the reverb, Ali’s voice ringing true, loud and clear.  James Jamieson and Cloudland Blue Quartet played as a duo, alternating their songs, which was a good move. What seems to work in the Roxy is one quiet guitar and a voice. Add two guitars and you risk noise, strum them loudly and your voice can get lost. JJ and CBQ strummed in a restrained way and their voices came over well, especially when they joined in harmony. I did a soundscape which was acceptable, but not my best. It did lull my friend Tricia to sleep. :-).  I gave CBQ a shot of the kit and he came up with a nice soundscape. It showed a different approach, his was more melodic, sticking to one voice, but essentially composing harmonies and counterpoints on the spot, where mine is more abstract using different voices but not in any particular harmonic relationship. I enjoy the whole process so much, it’s such an adventure. I finished with a short set of songs that seemed appropriate to the time of night and to the venue – ‘Beggar of Love’, ‘Come With Me’, ‘Leaving’, Cohen’s ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ and, to rip it up, ‘Nicole’. It was a nice night, documented in more detail by CBQ.

Friday: the Innocents played a packed and sweaty Backpackers, opening the night with a fairly rough-sounding set. Following us were Azadeh, on their first gig, with a pleasing melancholy sound but too little variety in approach for half an hour’s set.  We then saw Ordinaryson, who seemed to have quite a following. Two acoustic guitars fed through lots of processors and some looping and sampling, deliberately repetitive songs, the whole thing lifted and made good by one of the best drummers I’ve seen in any local band.

Spending time now manually assembling jewel cases and doing labelling for the Romantic Fiction CD. The first few have been sold and some sent out for mail orders. For the Wolf I had it all done for me, but this time I’m being .. frugal.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow night at the Listening Room, (The Blue Blazer, Spittal St, 8pm.)

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