Give ’em Smiles

Over the New Year period, when I was isolating with COVID, I heard this song in a dream, an actual performance by an elderly jazz singer with a band.

When I woke up I remembered the chorus and one line of lyrics, plus the bizarre backing vocals and recorded a chorus on my phone.

The dream may have been influenced by the Buena Vista Social Club film, which I’d watched recently. There was an elderly singer sitting at the front of the stage, in elegant suit and hat. Behind him was a row of three backing singers who may have been the Three Wise Monkeys – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil – or may have been human with blindfolds on. At any rate the backing vocal was distorted and didn’t make any sense. )

The rest of the lyrics were quite easy to write and after a day to let it steep, I had the basics recorded in a few hours.

The videos are from 1939, found in the Prelinger Archive site, one about tooth hygiene and the other about Rice Krispies!

6 thoughts on “Give ’em Smiles”

  1. You are essentially a musician and a songwriter who is endlessly inventive. Everybody has moments of self doubt. I look forward to seeing you on the stage of The Trades Club one day.

    • Thanks Chas! I’ll take ‘you are a musician and songwriter who is endlessly inventive’ with thanks and humility and leave out ‘essentially’! It’s when we start thinking with words like ‘essentially’ that we go wrong.

  2. Good song, Norm, give ’em smiles, make ’em laugh!

    I’m watching the comedy series Frank of Ireland. Frank’s a songwriter, too, but his life’s a madhouse. lol


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