Go Bernardo!

I and several of my friends profess to be mandolin players. Here’s a real one.  This link was sent by my friend Alan. It’s from 1927 – an Italian mandolin virtuoso called Bernardo de Pace. As Alan put it ‘Part Liberace, part Freddy Mercury, part Tiny Tim, part Eddie van Halen – 80 years ago.’

Don’t be fooled by the rather classical first four minutes. The fun really starts at about 4:30 when it goes to closeup.

Free mini-album!


Free to download - Stories My Killer Told Me: Five surreal story-songs from my Edinburgh Fringe show.

  • I Am Not The One For You
  • The Ever Open Door
  • New Eyes
  • A Forest Trail in Autumn
  • The Portobello Slam

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