Gone sittin’

I’m off to this Zen Retreat Centre in Wales.

Just discovered a notebook with some lyrics from a holiday this time last year, which I’d clean forgotten. As usually happens, they look better now than they did at the time.

  One of them was an annual attempt at something that’s been brewing for years, Gurus At the Bar, which is just some celebrity Eastern gurus sharing a few drinks and musing on disciples, security, sexual opportunities, money and when it’s time to give it all up and get a real job.  The idea got started many years ago when I watched a video of a question-and-answer session of four famous Buddhist teachers and I thought, I’d love to eavesdrop when they all go backstage and put their sandalled feet up.  I must finish it and I think I probably will!

The Invisible Helpers (acoustic division) are back at the Captain’s Bar in S College St on Saturday 10th. Like the last gig, which was a lot of fun – even for the audience – it’ll be a cabaret-style, I’m just lining a guest or two now.  It’s free and fair, just like an election – let’s have a good turnout!



Free mini-album!


Free to download - Stories My Killer Told Me: Five surreal story-songs from my Edinburgh Fringe show.

  • I Am Not The One For You
  • The Ever Open Door
  • New Eyes
  • A Forest Trail in Autumn
  • The Portobello Slam

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