Guitar Craft day 4

At the end of the day we got our ‘challenge’ – a performance tomorrow night by our group for the rest of the House. To entail composing, arranging and performing a piece for the large group, plus several sextets, quintets, quartets, duets and one solo, all drawn at random from the hat. Not just playing but stage-management – arranging the room and ensuring it stays arranged. More of this later.

The large group elects Kris musical director and George and Kai stage managers; the need for security is recognised and Ben and Eric, being the largest, get the job. I volunteer to assist George.

Musically the large group decides to develop the structure and ideas of the last Robert-led vamping session; and half of it is arranged before bed.

I’m in a trio with roommate Ben and Roberto, a jazzy guitarist from Costa Rica. For an hour or so  we try some ideas, then hit the sack.

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