Hauf Jaiket

Tommy MacKay’s Hauf Jaiket introduces me not only to music I’ve never heard but also to music categories I’ve never come across:

  • ‘bastard pop’?
  • ‘math rock’?
  • ‘bastardisation’ (is there a theme here?)

I just have to love a band that call themselves Potted Heid anyway.

Birthday today :-), such a Methuselan birthday that my readers will never imagine themselves ever reaching its like.  And to celebrate, I’m off to the dentist for 90m of root treatment followed in the evening, if I can muster the will, a show by the Incredible String Band tribute band which just happens to go by the name of The Incredible String Band and feature original members Mike Heron and Clive Palmer – but not Robin Williamson. I saw them a couple of years ago and it lacked a sense of risk and hazard without Robin. This time I know what to expect, and am going along mostly out of a sense of friendship. Many might find the dentist the lesser of two evils compared with listening to the ISB, but many aren’t me.

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