Heaven Sent album 2 – the adventure begins!

Last weekend the Heaven Sent convened in Falkirk with Jennifer Ellen Clark at her home studio. We’ve known Jen for a while as the producer of Liz Jones and Broken Windows, and she’d always liked our live act so we’ve wanted to do this for some time.

Over the last few weeks we’ve rehearsed far more than we’re used to, so we actually know these eight songs pretty well. With Jen’s encouragement we were able to record basic tracks – drums, bass, rhythm guitars, guide vocals – for each song pretty quickly. We did multiple takes of each song as a band performance, and Jen has been able to comp the best bits together into tracks we’ll take to the next stage next month.

The band, in case you don’t know us – James Whyte (bass), Fiona Thom (guitar), Suzy Cargill (drums), your humble correspondent, Jennifer Ellen Clark

Here’s a snippet of post session fun with the album’s instrumental California Joyride:

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