Heaven Sent album 2

Latest mixes after backing vox done, with comments so far. Please add any other comments and I’ll have a session with Jen to make adjustments. Include any suggestions for other instrumentation or improvement, don’t restrict yourself to ‘fixes’ – all ideas welcome.

California Joyride

N: I want to add some noises – swooshes and some eerie ambiences to it.

Call Back Fall Back

Fi: The harmony chorus is grand. Are there any keys on this? If there are they should be louder. For me it sounds like something is missing. I think it would be good to hear some organ, nothing too fancy just chords, to gel the track.
N: boost Fi’s ‘ever open door’ a little; think it needs something dramatic at 1:55 going into the guitar solo, but don’t know what. Also organ or strings towards the end to give some changes from chorus to chorus. Fi’s new guitar solo is just right.

A Careless Blow

N: One change I’d make to Careless Blow is to take Fi off the first chorus so I sing that on my own to establish the tune, then Fi would come in on that ‘A Careless Blow’ line in the second part of the chorus. At the end there are two choruses of Fi operatics, at 3:19 and 3:52. Instead of everything happening at 3:52 I’d suggest bringing in the counter melody on the first one, at 3:19, then dropping it at 3:52 and bringing on the full-on aaah choir.

Living Water

N: To me there’s something not right about the placement of the backing vox, but it’s hard to define. They sound too close, too much body somehow. I’d like them further back spatially and thinner in sound but just as loud
Suzy: At first I thought the backing vocals were too loud? Later on they sound great though and I agree with Fi that it’s busy but really clea

The Right Thing

N: maybe a bit more lead vox and less guitar in the first verse ? Maybe also a bit more frippertronics loop under it all for ‘glue’?

She Wants Out

Suzy: I might be being picky but every time I hear this it sounds to me like I missed a snare hit at 2m32s. Does it stick out to anyone else?Norman: it sounds intentional to me, but can be easily fixed.
Norman: The BVs on the last chorus seem ‘lighter’ than the first couple. I like the last one – it’s how I imagine them all being.
Norman: I’d like to add something to the middle bit, maybe 12 string or even a Mellotron sound so there’s something new happening
Fi:  harmonica came through too high in mix detracting from was there. On hifi it’s not as bad but I don’t think it adds to the song that high in the mix. In my opinion a feature harmonica needs to be more definite. If it is to add texture keep it lower in mix.
James: I’d agree, push the harmonica back a bit.
Norman: I think Jen has pulled it back in this mix.


N: Feels like it needs some new element about 1:51 after the first solo. I’d tried brass which Jen has converted to organ but I can’t hear it here.

You Just Want the Thrill

N: could take a bit more of the dip dip dip vocals in the middle. Also something to build up on the final choruses – I “heard” brass but there may be something else we could do.

Other song contenders

What use is that?

Time Starts Now

Nothing Through the Rain

OK’s Not Enough

This is a rough recording from a rehearsal of the band Bespoke which I was in with Tricia. I’d forgotten we’d done this but I thought with all the stop start bits it might be fun to play. There’s another section, an intro, which isn’t here. We may have had a go at this ages ago.

1 thought on “Heaven Sent album 2”

  1. Of the “other contenders”:

    What Us Is That – I thought we’d all agreed this was a definite? It should be!
    Time Starts Now – Nope!
    Nothing In The Rain – I’d be really up for giving this a try.
    OK’s Not Enough – I just love this demo, it’s got so much mojo; don’t think I’ve heard it before although we have tried the song ourselves a few times. If we could get something similar worked out, with the stop starts, loud dog bark guitars, dissonant solos and chimes, off-mic shouting, northern soul vibe bass, etc. I’d be over the moon. Would provide interesting contrast within the album.


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