The members of the Heaven Sent sitting on piano keys.

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent

"Grown-up and witty, countryish with lots of pop twists. Well worth catching."

"Norman Lamont is a timeless singer-songwriter, as much at home in echoey electronics as in intimate acoustic settings. His songs are always melodic and memorable, with subject matter ranging from the surreal and spiritual to quirky humour.  The Heaven Sent bless his songs with a  mix of folk-rock, Americana and 60s R&B, appealing to fans of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, and Jonathan Richman as well as Dylan and Cohen."

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent comprise:

  • Norman Lamont - voice and guitar
  • Fiona Thom - voice and guitar
  • Suzy Cargill - drums, percussion and voice
  • James Whyte - voice and bass

A very special, finely crafted offering, which draws you in & holds you there, whilst the story is told.  There is a thought provoking gravitas as well as a belly laugh contained in his songs. They can be quirky & catchy too, but always worthwhile.

Peter Butterworth

The Weem Inn

Engaging singer songwriter, quirky and original performer.

Karen Esson

House concert audience 

Expect an enjoyably eclectic mix from this entertaining chap. He'll take you on a musical journey dabbling with sounds such as Blues, Folk, Ska, Americana, and some whimsical waltzing rhythms leaving your  lust for well crafted songs well and truly satisfied.

Phil Ramsay

Pressure Valve Events Edinburgh


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Photo by Philippe Monthoux

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