Holding position

I haven’t been able to make much progress with the chimera known as my songsmith career recently due to working three or four seven-day weeks in a row, but that should be over soon.

In the meantime:

– a new band in the making with Mary Robbs (violin), Jim Whyte (bass and keyboard), Sam Barber (percussion) and Alasdair Clarke (bass and Warr Guitar – what’s that? come and see us to find out)  The Invisible Helpers are among you!

– appearing with Nelson Wright for part of his headline spot  at The Listening Room yesterday (9th) in an enjoyable  not-quite-the-Wright-Brothers-reunion

– playing WaveForms at the wedding of John and Ali Impossible Songs on Sat 15th!!

– making histrionic guitar noises with Bespoke at Henry’s Cellar Bar on 19th – Portishead meets King Crimson! www.reverbnation.com/bespoke

– sharing the bill with Sam Barber, Townhouse and Ms Fi and the Thomboys (yes I am a Thomboy and I don’t care who knows it!) at the Forest Cafe on 21st

– headline spot with the new band at The Listening Room, Blue Blazer on Sunday 30th.

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