Home from Egypt (2)

I’ve put the first batch of my photos from Egypt on Flickr.  These are of Heliopolis, where I lived and worked as an English teacher in 1976 and 77, and again in 1982, with Madame.  We went back to see the old place which, it must be said, looked good.  It was a bit of a shock to find the Palmyra, one of the restaurants we used to frequent, is now Starbucks, but after a long wander through the baking streets we ended up in its air-conditioned splendour, and I had what must be the best croissant I’ve had in any cafe in any country. Great, but I still wished it was the Palmyra!  We did, however, find the other main restaurant, the Amphytrion, still going strong.

I’m still catching up with work and organising my new office; more serious promotion of music will follow.

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