Home with listening to do

Just home after some days in London on a training course which was quite demanding. Some intense concentration needed and a good few days will now have to be set aside to decide what aspects of the software we covered (Docent Outliner, a packaging programme for elearning material) are useful, and to make sure I know how to use those bits. It’s going to take a lot of practice.

This was probably the longest time I’ve spent with my colleagues in years – we usually only communicate online or on the phone, or have a one-day meeting together – and everyone probably found it quite enough by the end. We’re quite disparate characters. I think all of us are probably quite relieved to retreat to our solitary home workstations.

Had a nice Thai meal with them last night and the previous night an excellent Moroccan/Lebanese meal with my old friend Adrian. Adrian is the editor of the Incredible String Band book, and gave me a DVD which pulls together all the known footage of the band, and two documentaries. Apparently there’s a hidden track of a rehearsal, which I’ve never seen, but which is so well hidden I couldn’t find it at all!

I’ve got a mighty lot of music to listen to, which given my tendency toward silence when I’m doing anything, will take me months to get around to: a Word magazine cover disk, a remastering of Mike Heron’s Smiling Men With Bad Reputations, a cheap box set called Arabic Chillout which I impulse-purchased, the 21st Century Guide to King Crimson box set and two rented DVDs from Amazon from the Beatles Anthology series.

From various e-correspondence there appear to be a couple of theG.co.uk gigs in the offing, and I’ve decided to do a solo spot at the next Full Moon club at the beginning of May. After that, when Mary gets back from Spain, I hope to have some intensive work to pick up with the Innocents where we left off some months ago and develop a new repetoire. Apart from working up some of the Romantic Fiction stuff and integrating the electronic stuff I’ve been doing, there are interesting cover versions in my mental orbit, including a 90s Robin Williamson song. Speaking of Robin my answering machine now bears a message from him regarding a gig I might be setting up in Queensferry – in terms of my lifelong fandom it’s like getting a call from Paul McCartney to discuss a Wings gig. Not that I feel any awe or reverence now, but if my teenage self had known I’d one day be getting phone calls from Man himself …

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