In the box at Hampden

Just back from a conference entitled ‘Beyond eLearning’ at Hampden Stadium. When you leave Florida Park station there’s one sign pointing to the correct exit for Hampden. After that you’re on your own, the assumption of the planners presumably being that you will never be looking for it alone, but only as one of the Tartan Army or its civilian equivalent, who will know the way. It’s a very large stadium, I found eventually, especially when you’re walking round it looking for an entrance and it’s bucketing rain. Anyway the conference was quite stimulating (one ‘aha!’ moment and it’s worth it), and I’d got a free place in return for leading one of the discussion groups; these were held in the Executive Boxes overlooking the pitch, a fact which passed me by but  was momentous for some of the football fans among the participants.

I’ve acquired an iPaq Pocket PC at a stupid-bargain price from a friend, and am feeling disloyal and guilty for taking Mr Gates’ shilling and abandoning the Palm OS (on my trusty Sony Clie) for Windows, mainly because (a) I can get web access on it and (b) I can run a sequencer on it. I’m sure it’ll pass.

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