It’s for you (actually it’s for me)

My apologies if you live in the Edinburgh area and you get a number of phone calls suggesting that you immediately act on the excellent quote you’ve just had online at What with car renewal and my son getting a flat, I’ve spent far longer than is good for me on these damnable comparison site. Now that they no longer allow you to even do a quote without giving a phone number I’ve had to take to inventing numbers and putting them in. The necessity for this was brought home to me when I received a call from one of them precisely 1 minute after getting the You could describe the young man as ‘insistent’ and I’m sure he said, although he probably didn’t, you could just sign up now and save yourself further misery. At any rate I didn’t, and he left me with ‘So I’ll just call you back tomorrow then?’. I may have run away by then.

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