It’s a wrap

Last night at 8.44 I declared ‘Romantic Fiction 1’ ready for release. It could always be better but enough is enough.  I’m just finalising the artwork with the help of Alan Edwards, who’s kindly allowed me to use one of his photographs.

The sun outside has been appealing and attractive but I’ve avoided it due to the effect what is either hay fever or a summer cold, I don’t know which, but it’s meant days of sniffle, snork, schklooogh. Also work has been exasperating, with daily instructions of ‘don’t do that, do this’ ‘stop doing that, this is the top priority’, ‘you may not have to do that after all, it’s probably out of scope, but you need to do this’ and ‘what you did is fine, oh and it means you need to do this to finish it’. As this involves a major organisation-wide software implementation, we get to play in a ‘sandpit’ – dummy setup of the system where we can go in and do things without real-world consequences. Unfortunately one of the things we can go in and do, if we’re stupid enough, is change the passwords for the dummy logins we have so that no-one else can use them!

Switched on the PC yesterday to be met with pages of printouts sent by Plague from another PC on the network : amusing pictures of cats. The pictures are OK but what I loved was the page titles printed at the top of each page:

  • ‘Funny Jokes Pictures of a Cat sitting on a toilet’
  • ‘Funny Jokes Pictures of a cat goofing off’.

According to the blurb they come from a site of ‘clean humour’ set up by someone called Pastor Tim. If you really want to know more, I believe you can find it at

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