Jack Ketch by The Houdini Box

The first of several songs by The Houdini Box is on YouTube.

The Houdini Box screenshot.

The Houdini Box was a band led by Lynsey Hutchinson from 2004-2005. I was the bassist, Sam Barber was the guitarist and the drummer was Ross Galloway. In its first incarnation it had Mary Robbs on violin and Valerie Densmore on oboe. The music was quite strange and angular, and the lyrics dwelt on history, Victoriana and morbidity. At its best it was a superb band. This video comes from the launch of the HBox (I can call it that, but no-one else can) CD, and was filmed by Left Bank Live. My Nicole video comes from the same night. Ross was away and Alex Benzie played drums that night (his first performance with us), and Peter Michael Rowan gave us violin on a couple of songs.  Lynsey’s given her approval for me to put this and more on the web and I’m proud to do so. Jack Ketch, named after the nickname of the hangman in the Grassmarket, is probably Lynsey’s most popular song. More to follow.

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