Kind words and good company

Noise magazine gave the Wolf a positive review – see it here.

Les Oman, who has a ’round peg and square hole’ radio show on Argyll FM called Acoustic Alternative, has made it his album of the month, and played the songs in good company:

8th May Playlist
1. Back on Top – Van Morrison
2.Glass, Concrete and Stone – David Byrne
3. Polecats – Norman Lamont
4. Mama Roux -Dr John
5. Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
6. Tell Riley – Eric Bibb
7. Waiting for You – The Incredible String Band
8. I Want to Vanish – Elivs Costello and the Brodsky Quartet
9. Ballad of Bob Dylan – Norman Lamont
10. Sylvio – Bob Dylan
11. Smithereens – Daniel Scott
12. Rising for the Moon – Fairport Convention
13. This Horse – Norman Lamont

I’ve been listening to some good locally-produced CDs. A demo from a guy calling himself Zen Transmission, whom I saw at the Full Moon on Thursday, the new Flowers from Algernon single New PC, which everyone should have, and a single by Graystar called Satellites, of which they kindly gave me a free copy – excellent stuff.

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